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Great Resources For The Hypnotherapist

Nowadays, building a business isn’t cheap, it takes money to set up and run, and that includes your hypnotherapy business. Therefore, to build a more successful hypnotherapy business you’ll need lots of tools to get started and to run, and that includes FREE tools and some paid.

There’s really only one way to maximise your profits in almost any business, and that’s to use software specifically for your line of business, systems, tools and anything else that might help you do things more quickly, which consequently helps you to earn more money, and that’s why you run your own business because more money = more freedom! 

We’ve put together a list of hypnotherapy marketing resources that we know will be very useful, and at such a fairly low cost, potentially bringing you additional income into your hypnotherapy practice.

Like anything, step by step with the recommended software and products, that way you can start including some of them in your marketing to increase business income.

It’s very important in any business to know exactly what each client is costing you, and also what profit you’re making from each clients after expenses. 

We have added a ‘Client Profit Calculator’ for you to use FREE of charge, just click the button to access the calculator. 

It will help you to work out whether or not your hourly client fees are actually making you money in your Hypnotherapy Business or not. 

This way at least you can adjust your fees if you need to, if not, then at least it will give you an idea of how well your hypnotherapy business is doing.    

We have set up a web design and hosting company aimed at helping hypnotists and hypnotherapists to set up their own domain name, website and hosting, which can sometimes be very tedious to the unknowledgeable person.

We can help you set up your domain name and website hosting, which doesn’t take long and then you’ll be nearly ready for the world wide web.

 We have set up some website templates for your viewing, they may or may not be for you, however, they are ready to go, you just supply the content and we’ll do the rest, it’s that simple! 

If you like a website template, just let us know and we’ll do the rest.



FREE website and webpage builder.

If you feel comfortable setting up your own website and design, this is a great software and has immediate free access and setup.

The Better FREE Way To Build Funnels And Sell Digital Products.

Your Complete Digital Products and Services Online Sales System.

GrooveFunnels is a complete suite of marketing tools designed to help you build sales funnels and websites (i.e., landing pages) and for selling products online.

Email marketing allows you to create targeted and personalised messages to your mailing list of clients or potential clients. This is a great way to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers. It can also improve response rates to your direct marketing campaigns. However, you must always remember that overuse of your email list can have a negative effect on your business, so email regularly but don’t over do it.

There’s an old saying that ‘the money is in the list’, as in your mailing list.

Email marketing is a great way to sell your digital products online ie: hypnosis recordings and ebooks, you’ll just need to have an ecommerce section setup on your website first.

Make it easier and add an email section to your client forms with a check box, let them know that they’ll be added to your email marketing list. Once you have their email addresses, then you’re able to send regular emails and content.


Facebook – A must-have for your business (FREE setup)

Instagram – Another popular platform for business (FREE setup)

Fiverr – Great site to find graphic designers, animators, videographers, and much more.

Bitly – FREE – Shortens long domain names easily ie: https://www.mywebsite.website.mine.com would shorten to: https://bit.ly/3gbYbvI


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